Starting Fresh

Hello everyone!

I’ve been attempting to write this first blog post for about a week now. (Maybe a week and a half. Who’s counting?) I struggled with what to say in here, and I’m still really not sure what I’m going to say.

I used to have a Blogspot blog (CLICK HERE TO SEE), but it went unused for months. And months. And months. I started that blog I think around two and a half years ago. I started it to chronicle my start from a beginning writer in college all the way to writing stardom. As you can see, I’m still not to that writing stardom. Yet. That blog served its purpose, but I feel as if I’ve outgrown it and who I was when I created it. Now I have this blog. I hope to blog about adventures in writing and trying to get published and my thoughts and ramblings.

I currently have my first manuscript, PURSUIT, with an agent. He’s had it for a little under three months. Fingers crossed that he likes it! If not, I have a contemporary, THE OTHER SIDE OF HAPPY, that’s almost ready for querying. I also have multiple other projects that I’m rolling around in my mind. Basically I’m well on my way to one-day writing stardom!

But in all seriousness, I’m creating this blog because I like reading blogs by writers, and I like reading about what they went through to get published. It’s interesting to see the journey of self doubt to nervous querying to published author. I’m inspired by those journeys, and hopefully one day someone out there will be inspired by mine. So here’s your chance to see what I have to go through to get published.

Now it’s time for me to get off here and work on revisions of TOSOH so it’s ready to go to agents!