Portland Trip and Back

HELLO! I hope all of you have been enjoying yourself since my last post.

I recently visited my brother for Thanksgiving. On that trip, I had this small idea of a story. It’s been marinating and sitting in my mind. I’ve been thinkin’ and hopin’ that this book could became my next official project.

(I had dreams of my NaNo HTLU being my next project, but a very early draft is with a beta-Cassidy right now, and I’m just not having high hopes for it.)

On my daily walks I’ve been thinking and plotting this new idea, and I think it could be really good! It’s kind of a playful magical realism story that will be set in a fictional California (probably NoCal) town. I already have a tentative title for it, but I’ll leave that for later.

In other news, I’m about a third of the way done with the final revision of TOSOH for the workshop with FLB. I’m about 99.9% positive I’m going to bring it to her workshop. I was hesitant before because the thought of waiting until March to send it to agents was killing me, but I think it could use her feedback.

2016, watch it. It’s going to be The Year of Kevin.


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