What do I do?

I’ve always been interested in writing books. My entire life I’ve wanted to write books. In college workshops, however, we mostly wrote short stories. (My senior year, the teacher allowed us to critique chapters of a book if we chose to, but I did not.)

Lately though, I’ve been thinking about working on old short stories/writing new ones and trying to get those published. The more I thought about it, however, the more I realized it would take up time I could be using to work on a manuscript for an agent.

Now I know that time isn’t wasted. All writing is practice no matter what it is. However, a part of me is saying I should stick to working on my manuscripts.

I guess a part of me is yearning for rejection letters.

Maybe it’s because I’m convinced I’m never going to get published and my books are never going anywhere when… I’ve only ever gotten two rejections on a query letter and a rejection on a full. BUT SOMEHOW I’VE CONVINCED MYSELF I SUCK.

Self-doubt. A writer’s best friend.


3 thoughts on “What do I do?

  1. I love it “Self-doubt. A writer’s best friend” so true. And I am also waiting for my rejection letters too, just so I can submit it to other places. CURSE YOU NO SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS AND SIX MONTH READING PERIODS! Any who have you thought of Grad School? Our program is great here and I’m working on novels, I worked on a graduate level only magazine, we work with a book publisher, and when you are an MFA your work gets taken more seriously and talked about at greater length and no restrictions on what you can write. Were you in Pickney’s class when he told us all of our work is garbage because we are but undergrads? Ya we don’t get that here. You should go to grad school, yes more debt but if writing is what you want to do you should go for it. 🙂 I love your writing and also come to Roosevelt it’d be nice to see another SIU alum up here. Amber is applying here for her MFA join us!

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    1. So much to respond to! haha

      So I HATE the no simultaneous submission thing, but I guess that’s just the writing world’s way of forcing you to write something new while waiting to hear from the last submission. Where are you submitting to? If you don’t mind me asking. Also, how do you go about finding places to submit to? I’ve looked at The Submission Grinder, but I’m wondering if there’s something I’m missing!

      I have considered grad school. Still thinking about it. Right now I’m working a full time job as an editor, so it’s just a lot to think about I suppose. Especially now that I live in California haha.


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