Post NaNo Feels

So I finished NaNo last night. The project is (currently) complete at almost 53k words. I know that’s a short manuscript, but I always add more in during revisions. I know that HTLU will be the same. That’s if it ever sees the light of day again. I think it was a good exercise, but do I think it has potential to ever be published? Ehhh. I suppose we’ll see. I think for now it’s time to set it aside and let it breathe while I work on my million other projects.

Segue into! During NaNo I came up with TWO new book ideas. That’s on top of all the other book ideas I have floating around in this brain (and on paper). I just need to write faster and edit faster so I can have all of these books out and ready for the day I finally get an agent. (Fingers crossed that 2016 is the year of Kevin Gets Agent). (Also why do I keep using parenthesis in this post?)


I’m taking a writing workshop class with Francesca Lia Block come January for ten weeks. I’m SUPER excited about this as I fell in love with her books when I was younger. I’m also super nervous because it’s FLB! I’m also not sure if I should bring TOSOH in to the workshop or not. I’m so anxious to get it out there to agents, but I think that FLB, since she is such an established author with over 47 books out, could give me great feedback. I think I may need to work on my patience on this one.


4 thoughts on “Post NaNo Feels

  1. I came up with a new book idea, too. I don’t know where all these ideas come from, but they need to slow down!
    Congrats on finishing NaNo and have fun with the workshop!


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