Oh crap.. It’s almost NaNoWriMo!

Hello my 11 subscribers! And hello to all of the others that read this! (You should really subscribe. I promise I’ll be on here more regularly. I’ll talk about books and writing and stuff!)

So it really hit me today. NaNo is in like… less than three friggen days! The idea/project/thingoccupyingallmytime HTLU is almost completely outlined. Now this is simultaneously scary as hell and exciting! I’m ready to get to work on this project. This idea has been in my head over a year, and it’s time for this one to be written. I have so many other ideas, I apparently just need to write faster.

Anyway. Holy crap. NaNo is soon. And while the outline may feel almost complete, it isn’t complete. I still have to flush out some side stories, name some secondary characters, AND actually finish the damn thing. I have an idea of where it’s going, so I think I could finish it quickly, but who knows. Things happen. Halloween is coming up. I could get sidetracked by all the fall-time goodness.

I’m determined though. I would like this outline to be done by tomorrow. At the VERY latest the end of the day tomorrow.

In other news. I MIGHT be attending, depending on time and what night, the NaNo kick off at Du Par’s! It’s for the whole LA area, and since moving to California I don’t really have any writer friends. I would like to make some of these. Hoard them like precious gems.

… Then force them to critique everything I write.

Just kidding future friends!

Here’s to hoping I finish my outline.


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