Fresh Out of Revision Cave


I know it’s been a while since I posted, like a hot minute actually, but I’m back. Since I posted that first post, I finally, FINALLY finished revisions on TOSOH (THE OTHER SIDE OF HAPPY). It’s currently with three beta readers. That thought simultaneously excites me and terrifies me! I mean, I love my manuscript, but what if it’s not as good as I’ve built it up to be? What if it’s terrible!?

After I get those revisions back, I’ll do another edit/read through, then it’s time for the big times! Agent querying! (Also terrifying.) I already have some agents lined up that I want to query, so at least I’m a little ahead of the game. I’ve been rejected before, but there is one agent in particular that I think would just break my heart if this person rejected me because they seem awesome and represent books like mine. So, fingers crossed!

I guess all I can do now is move on and start on my next project while betas are reading it. I have so many ideas floating up in my brain cavity that it took me a while to choose one to stick with, but this one that is currently unnamed has been with me for six months now, and the story is just dying to come out. Here’s to putting pen to paper and fingers to keyboard!


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