Querying and Full Requests

It’s one thing to read about other people talking about how horrible querying is, but it’s a whole different story when you’re in the thick of it. I currently have four full requests out. I am so grateful that any agent requested a full. On the other hand, it’s really nerve wracking! I know the publishing industry as a whole is all about being patient. You wait for edits and book covers and all that good stuff. I’d like to believe I’m patient. The reason why this is killing me, though, is it’s waiting to hear if an agent believes in you and your work. If it doesn’t work out this time, I’ll continue querying, or write something new and query that. But for now, I sit ever-so-patiently to wait and hear if someone, besides my family and me, believe in my writing.

I should probably talk about how I got here from where I was last post seeing as it’s been… a while. So Beth Phelan, agent at The Bent Agency, put on an AMAZING event called DVpit for diverse writers and stories from marginalized voices. Well, seeing as I’m a gay male, I would say I’m a diverse voice/writer. So I tweeted my heart out, and I ended the day with 26 requests from agents, 2 editors, and 2 editors from bigger houses that couldn’t technically participate but said they would like to look at my work once I had an agent. It was a mind blowing experience.

I narrowed down that list and queried the agents I thought sounded like a good fit for me. It hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies, though! I have received rejections as well, and even though I have fulls out, each one still stings a little.

But I’m going to keep my head up, and keep moving forward. There’s not much else you can do at this point!

Now I’m going to go check email for the 466th time today then I’ll continue to work on my new WIP.

New Year’s Resolution On Writing and Reading

I can’t decide if I’m going to have this post right away, or on the 31st, we’ll see how I feel at the end of the post.

2015 brought me a new job, a new apartment in a better part of SoCal, and lots and lots of new ideas. I feel like I have so many, it’ll be impossible to get them all out.

So I decided I’m going to make a couple of New Year’s Resolution when it comes to my writing and my reading. (This doesn’t include my resolution to get back to the weight I was at last year, but that’s a whole different story.)

2016 New Year’s Resolution List

Here. We. GO.

  1. For 2015, my goal was to read 50 books. I read 44. While that number isn’t bad, it was six, SIX, short! This year, I plan to read 50! I will hit that number. I’m sure of it.
  2. Bring TOSOH to my critique class and let it get torn to shreds. This one is pretty self explanatory. I will also add to this, cry over shreds and edit to be beautiful and ready for…
  3. Query. Query TOSOH. I will need lots of chocolate during this time. And a bottle of champagne for when I finally…
  4. Get an agent. This may be the hardest thing on the list, but I’m confident that 2016 will be my year. Come hell or high water, I will end this year with an agent.
  5. Write rough drafts of at least two of my other manuscript ideas. I have lots of ideas just floating around in my head, and lots of notes made about many of these projects, but have yet to start writing any of them.
  6. Edit one of my already written rough drafts (I have two currently) for beta readers and get it into their hands.

That’s all. For now. I’ve decided to just go ahead and post this. Who knows, maybe I’ll think of a couple more things to add to this list, but if I don’t, it seems like a pretty good dang list.

Putting in writing made this all so real all of a sudden. But my life goal is to be a full time writer, and I won’t get there by not pushing myself. 2016 will be the year of Kevin. The year of getting stuff done!

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Portland Trip and Back

HELLO! I hope all of you have been enjoying yourself since my last post.

I recently visited my brother for Thanksgiving. On that trip, I had this small idea of a story. It’s been marinating and sitting in my mind. I’ve been thinkin’ and hopin’ that this book could became my next official project.

(I had dreams of my NaNo HTLU being my next project, but a very early draft is with a beta-Cassidy right now, and I’m just not having high hopes for it.)

On my daily walks I’ve been thinking and plotting this new idea, and I think it could be really good! It’s kind of a playful magical realism story that will be set in a fictional California (probably NoCal) town. I already have a tentative title for it, but I’ll leave that for later.

In other news, I’m about a third of the way done with the final revision of TOSOH for the workshop with FLB. I’m about 99.9% positive I’m going to bring it to her workshop. I was hesitant before because the thought of waiting until March to send it to agents was killing me, but I think it could use her feedback.

2016, watch it. It’s going to be The Year of Kevin.

What do I do?

I’ve always been interested in writing books. My entire life I’ve wanted to write books. In college workshops, however, we mostly wrote short stories. (My senior year, the teacher allowed us to critique chapters of a book if we chose to, but I did not.)

Lately though, I’ve been thinking about working on old short stories/writing new ones and trying to get those published. The more I thought about it, however, the more I realized it would take up time I could be using to work on a manuscript for an agent.

Now I know that time isn’t wasted. All writing is practice no matter what it is. However, a part of me is saying I should stick to working on my manuscripts.

I guess a part of me is yearning for rejection letters.

Maybe it’s because I’m convinced I’m never going to get published and my books are never going anywhere when… I’ve only ever gotten two rejections on a query letter and a rejection on a full. BUT SOMEHOW I’VE CONVINCED MYSELF I SUCK.

Self-doubt. A writer’s best friend.

Post NaNo Feels

So I finished NaNo last night. The project is (currently) complete at almost 53k words. I know that’s a short manuscript, but I always add more in during revisions. I know that HTLU will be the same. That’s if it ever sees the light of day again. I think it was a good exercise, but do I think it has potential to ever be published? Ehhh. I suppose we’ll see. I think for now it’s time to set it aside and let it breathe while I work on my million other projects.

Segue into! During NaNo I came up with TWO new book ideas. That’s on top of all the other book ideas I have floating around in this brain (and on paper). I just need to write faster and edit faster so I can have all of these books out and ready for the day I finally get an agent. (Fingers crossed that 2016 is the year of Kevin Gets Agent). (Also why do I keep using parenthesis in this post?)


I’m taking a writing workshop class with Francesca Lia Block come January for ten weeks. I’m SUPER excited about this as I fell in love with her books when I was younger. I’m also super nervous because it’s FLB! I’m also not sure if I should bring TOSOH in to the workshop or not. I’m so anxious to get it out there to agents, but I think that FLB, since she is such an established author with over 47 books out, could give me great feedback. I think I may need to work on my patience on this one.

Oh crap.. It’s almost NaNoWriMo!

Hello my 11 subscribers! And hello to all of the others that read this! (You should really subscribe. I promise I’ll be on here more regularly. I’ll talk about books and writing and stuff!)

So it really hit me today. NaNo is in like… less than three friggen days! The idea/project/thingoccupyingallmytime HTLU is almost completely outlined. Now this is simultaneously scary as hell and exciting! I’m ready to get to work on this project. This idea has been in my head over a year, and it’s time for this one to be written. I have so many other ideas, I apparently just need to write faster.

Anyway. Holy crap. NaNo is soon. And while the outline may feel almost complete, it isn’t complete. I still have to flush out some side stories, name some secondary characters, AND actually finish the damn thing. I have an idea of where it’s going, so I think I could finish it quickly, but who knows. Things happen. Halloween is coming up. I could get sidetracked by all the fall-time goodness.

I’m determined though. I would like this outline to be done by tomorrow. At the VERY latest the end of the day tomorrow.

In other news. I MIGHT be attending, depending on time and what night, the NaNo kick off at Du Par’s! It’s for the whole LA area, and since moving to California I don’t really have any writer friends. I would like to make some of these. Hoard them like precious gems.

… Then force them to critique everything I write.

Just kidding future friends!

Here’s to hoping I finish my outline.

Old Ideas and New Ones

I guess I’m not very good at writing on this blog. But I want to be! I want to be able to chronicle my life through the publishing process. I guess maybe I just don’t have a lot to write about right now. My goal is to try and post something new every week.

First things first! I got a new job! I now work at an editor at a social communications website. I love the job and in my downtime I can brainstorm my new WIP (more on that later). I am commuting about three and a half hours a day, but I’m looking at the silver lining and using this time to brainstorm as well.

So. TOSOH. I have so many mixed feelings about this manuscript. I love it. I hate it. And back again. I guess I’ve never really hated it per-say, but the manuscript has caused me lots of anguish. It finally hit me that a huge plot point of the manuscript is just not working. I thought I could get it to work, but I can’t. I know how I’m going to fix this already, but it’s going to mean a major overhaul for a majority of the story. With NaNo just around the corner, I’m hoping to have TOSOH ready to query by the beginning of the year. I guess maybe that’s a little ambitious seeing as I have to write an entire book next month then completely revamp another the next month. I suppose we’ll see!

Anyway! Shiny new idea! This year’s NaNo I will be working on a WIP that I am (for now) calling HOW THEY LEFT US (HTLU for the future). It’s about aliens, abductions, government experiments and all that good stuff!! I’m super excited for this. I do have some hang ups like how I’m going to write the sections (four characters in third person) and make it so it isn’t super confusing. I’m currently trying to plan so that when NaNo starts I’m not flailing around trying to get my shit together. Also, a very amazing NaNo user flatlines made me a gorgeous cover for my project this year. I am going to post the picture below so you can all revel in how amazing it is!

Fingers crossed!

How They Left Us
My beautiful cover!

Fresh Out of Revision Cave


I know it’s been a while since I posted, like a hot minute actually, but I’m back. Since I posted that first post, I finally, FINALLY finished revisions on TOSOH (THE OTHER SIDE OF HAPPY). It’s currently with three beta readers. That thought simultaneously excites me and terrifies me! I mean, I love my manuscript, but what if it’s not as good as I’ve built it up to be? What if it’s terrible!?

After I get those revisions back, I’ll do another edit/read through, then it’s time for the big times! Agent querying! (Also terrifying.) I already have some agents lined up that I want to query, so at least I’m a little ahead of the game. I’ve been rejected before, but there is one agent in particular that I think would just break my heart if this person rejected me because they seem awesome and represent books like mine. So, fingers crossed!

I guess all I can do now is move on and start on my next project while betas are reading it. I have so many ideas floating up in my brain cavity that it took me a while to choose one to stick with, but this one that is currently unnamed has been with me for six months now, and the story is just dying to come out. Here’s to putting pen to paper and fingers to keyboard!